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Helping you easily navigate the constantly changing world of employee benefits

Understanding, selecting, purchasing, and administering benefits can be an overwhelming task.  But with BEAM, our benefits, enrollment, administration and management platform, you and your employees will have support every step of the way.

ADMINISTRATION: Save time and money using our pre-loaded and automated online self-services. This efficient and easy-to-use system, makes enrollment and ongoing administration almost effortless.

BENEFITS: Using a defined contribution model and the assistance of our decision support tool, your employees can personally choose a combination of coverage from the exchange store that works for them.

COST: Make the most of your benefits budget with the cost control advantages of a defined contribution plan. You choose what your company will spend on benefits, and your employees decide on the type of coverage they want to spend it on.

Enhance employee satisfaction, streamline benefits administration and make life easier for everyone with BEAM.

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