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    Short Term Traveler Group Medical Plans

    Maintaining good health is about having the right coverage at the right time in the right place. Our Global Short Term Traveler Medical plans provide medical coverage for employers with two or more employees who travel often on business but do not stay out of the country for more than 6 months at a time.

    Unique features of our medical plans include:

    • No exclusion for pre-existing conditions
    • No deductible
    • Direct pay at many local providers around the globe
    • No exclusion for war or terrorism
    • Rx coverage
    • Medical emergency evacuation
    • Dental – accidental injury coverage
    • Emergency assistance services up to $250,000
    • Custom benefit packages for embassies and consulates

    Aetna offers an international business travel plan that provides emergency and urgent care medical benefits for employees traveling internationally on business for a period of six months or less.


    The plan allows for concierge level service and coverage for business travelers who routinely travel out of their home country.

    Aetna – Protecting employees around the world

    With over 50 years of experience in the international expatriate marketplace, Aetna International Health Insurance has created a global presence that is unprecedented in the industry. Aetna International supports more than 700,000 members around the world who live or travel in more than 200 countries/territories.

    Aetna International offers a comprehensive, flexible portfolio of benefit products, programs and services that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of globally mobile employees — including expatriates, third-country nationals and international business travelers. These benefits including medical, dental, vision, life, disability and emergency assistance help employees and their families to stay healthy so they can successfully complete their assignments.

    The Aetna health care network has:

    • More than 1 million health care professionals
    • More than 575,000 primary care doctors and specialists
    • More than 5,400 hospitals
    • A network of specialist physicians, recognized with Aexcel® designation, based on clinical performance and cost efficiency

    Ask us about Aetna’s global health insurance products.

    Current members may locate providers by logging into their member account at

    Contact TBS for information on how to access the public provider directory.

    Short Term Travel Dental Coverage

    Our short term traveler medical plans cover dental care resulting from accidental injury.

    Please contact TBS for a quote.

    Vision Plans for Short Term Travelers

    There is currently no Vision coverage under the Short Term Traveler plans.

    Disability Coverage

    There is currently no Disability coverage under the Short Term Traveler plans.

    Life Insurance Plans To Cover Your Employees And Their Families

    There is currently no Life coverage under the Short Term Traveler plans.

    Additional Options for the International Student or Short Term Traveler

    International students have plenty of things to worry about, and whether or not they are protected if they get sick or injured shouldn’t be one of them.

    TBS works closely with universities, embassies, and other educational organizations to first identify the types of coverage they need to protect their students or staff. Then we work with top carriers and shop the market to find the right mix of products that are tailored to fit the group’s unique needs. Once we have found the best options we put them onto a single spreadsheet for easy side-by-side comparison.

    Whether your Student Group needs a basic plan to just meet Visa requirements, or a richer, more comprehensive plan, TBS can help you find, quote, compare and buy the right coverage. Contact our Global TBS Team today for a customized consultation.


    We also offer the following additional options to enhance your global employee health plans:

    • Business travel accident coverage up to $100,000
    • Medical coverage for dependents’ spouse, unmarried child(ren) age 18 or younger
    • Optional business sojourn coverage for leisure travel directly before, during or after a business trip is available

    Tailored temporary group plans for your employees who work away from their home for less than 6 months

    At Total Benefit Solutions, we design plans that are ideal for international business travelers who travel frequently on business, but who do not stay out of country for more than 6 months at any given time. We also provide customized plans for international student groups.

    We can provide custom-designed urgent care medical benefits and health-related services to meet the specific needs, budget and desired comfort level of short term travelers or international students.

    Best of all, our Short Term Traveler plans provide international concierge-level services:

    • 24/7 emergency assistance
    • Emergency medical evacuations
    • Medical provider referrals
    • Translation services
    • Assistance with lost or stolen travel documents
    • Claim payment in over 100 currencies