Affordable, comprehensive worldwide insurance coverage for groups of 2+.

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    Cost-effective plans to cover employees in the US or around the world.

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    Insurance for the unique needs of employees across the country or the globe.

    Healthcare systems vary greatly from country to country or state to state, and navigating them can be challenging. Employees working across the US or in other countries want peace-of-mind knowing they have access to medical care wherever and whenever they need it. To prevent unexpected surprises, a global healthcare insurance plan must be custom-built to ensure employees, permanent or temporary, have protection without gaps no matter where they may work and travel.

    Total Benefit Solutions is a leading general agency specializing in international and domestic employee insurance benefit coverage. We offer global medical insurance plans that are flexible, portable and made to fit the unique needs of employees working outside of their state or country of residence.

    Our global plans include:
    Total Benefit Solutions works directly with producers to analyze their clients’ needs and identify what insurance plan designs may help attract, support and retain qualified employees for international assignments. Need more information? We’re happy to oblige. Contact us with your questions about global plans today.