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Health Insurance Plans
for Peace of Mind

We're a leading general insurance agent for domestic
group benefits and international health coverage.

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Washington businesses
have a choice in health
insurance plans

We specialize in meeting the needs of Washington businesses
with various plan options and price points.

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Insurance plans that
meet the needs of
Alaskan businesses

We know the local market and work hard to meet our
clients' unique needs from our Anchorage office.

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Quality health
insurance plans for
Idaho businesses

Offering comprehensive and flexible insurance
options to employers in Idaho.

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World-class global
health plans to protect
employees anywhere

We offer global medical insurance plans that are flexible,
portable and made for your employees' unique needs.

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We Meet Your Business Needs At Home Or Abroad



Employee benefit solutions for businesses in Washington

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Employee health insurance plans for Alaska businesses

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Employee health insurance plans for businesses in Idaho

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Total Benefit Solutions | Global Employee Health Insurance Plans


Insurance benefits for groups 2+, Inpat, Expat, and Local National
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Payroll, Benefits, HR, Workers' Comp and Compliance all in one place.
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Health Insurance Plans for Peace of Mind

Health benefits offer coverage to help offset unexpected medical expenses and costs associated with routine healthcare such as dental and vision. Total Benefit Solutions offers a broad choice of plans at different price points for groups as small as two. What’s more, our network spans the globe, so coverage is there when it’s needed most.
At Total Benefit Solutions, we’re focused on providing comprehensive and flexible insurance plans that meet the unique needs of small- to mid-sized businesses, and organizations with employees working in foreign countries. We work directly with brokers or producers providing an unparalleled level of service to support and grow your business.
Total Benefit Solutions a Washington 100 Best Company to Work For
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