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    Is your international health insurance plan ready?

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    Employees working in the United States for a non-US-owned company.
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    Short Term Traveler

    Employees who travel outside their home country for less than 6 months at a time.
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    Employees working and residing outside their home country for more than 6 months.
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    More and more companies just like yours are sending employees abroad to set up offices or manufacturing facilities or to scope out new international markets.

    Your employees on foreign assignments are key people in your organization who have been charged with the task of facilitating your company’s growth. If one of them should fall ill or have an accident while away, it could not only affect your employee’s well-being, but also have a negative impact on the assignment and the company as a whole.

    Given what’s at stake, it’s natural that you want to ensure their health and safety with sufficient coverage. However, domestic medical benefits are not designed to meet unique global challenges.

    An international group health insurance plan should be custom-built to cover employees in the event of a healthcare emergency no matter where they may work or travel.

    Specialists in global health insurance plans, Total Benefit Solutions (TBS) offers comprehensive health plans to protect groups of international assignees at every level.

    Why work with Total Benefit Solutions?

    TBS works closely with your producer to identify your unique global needs, and ensure you have the right products to protect your people.

    Our global health plans include:

    No one wants to be faced with a health crisis while working away from home. Many companies and their employees assume they have sufficient coverage and often they don’t know for sure until it’s too late.

    Whether you are a domestic or international employer if you have multinational employees, we can help you protect your most valuable assets – your people. Ask your producer to quote TBS today.